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Liptrap Loft: Country retreat near the beach


Magical Mystery Tour Liptrap Loft

The quirky Liptrap Loft is almost Dr. Seuss Australia style, starting with the roof line. Upon entering one immediately laughs at the size of the four poster bed which is big enough for 8 people. Then opening the fridge one finds a telephone, and hot water bottle and a few other items. Only after a little more searching there is an operating fridge. Thank goodness. Filled with giggles, and quirks, and fun one checks out the outdoor Japanese bathhouse with the very quirky shower head dangling magically in space ….truly the whole experience was one big holiday from normalcy. It works. The pots and pans are best quality. The wood for the huge Coonara is plentiful if you can find the secret door! All in all we had a really lovely time, relaxing in this unique and fantastical environment. Generosity was the name of the game. Such a treat. Let your doggie friend also enjoy the whole deal. Wonderful!


May 2014


Unique and cosy getaway 🙂

We spent a winter weekend at Liptrap Loft and really enjoyed the experience. Although the weather was not in our favour, the place had all we needed for a quiet weekend away from our busy lives. Our two daughters (3 and 8) and our dog all loved the place. Highlights were the fantastic fire that kept us toasty and the bathhouse – nothing like being in the bath watching the rain pour down and the weather move across the sky.


July 2014


Magical place

We had such a wonderful weekend. This place is absolutely fantastic, you instantly relax on arrival. The surroundings are gorgeous and the house is so comfortable and clean, everything you need is there and it is all of great quality. It was a such a great place for children and being able to bring our dogs made it even more enjoyable for us. The wonderful nature noises and the starry sky at night made it such a unique and special experience for us all. We were very sad to leave and hope to stay for longer next time.


July 2014

Perfect getaway!

Fleur, We loved your place on the net as it has a similar feel and style to a house were about to build, but…………….. we loved it even more once we got there! The whole vibe and style of the place works through, the drive there, the quaint towns on the way, the country and coastal views and then the peaceful surrounds of the gardens/entry all look and feel fantastic, and that’s before you even go inside. Inside was quirky, calming and just plain great with a real charm about it. Perfect place for a couple or I could easily imagine kids having a ball there too. Would more than recommend it and look forward to out next stay. Justin and Liz.


We liked:

  • The fireplace and chopped firewood was great
  • The ‘no rules everywhere’ policy was nice
  • The paths around the house was nice
  • I liked that the kids could play on the grass outside the kitchen window and I could see them from the house
  • Bath/shower set up was great
  • Plenty of hot water for the bath and showers
  • We didn’t use it but appreciated the possibility to wash/dry clothes if needed
  • nice and secluded



June 2014



We liked the ambience and the solitude. Being a little part of nature. I know this may seem strange but the boardwalk to the dunny added something! And the wildlife especially the birds. A surprise for Judy: In think there are bears about: turned out to be cattle next door viewed at dusk. Loved the fireplace. The first few days were blowy and rainy. But the fireplace was magnificent. We slept so well in the antique bed. Judy love the birds: always singing and she hadn’t see gahlah’s before.


May 2014

Excellent unique property providing an experience

I would recommend to anyone looking for their stay to provide a unique experience in a wonderful location. The loft is magnificent and the bath house enables you to enjoy the sunset or sunrise in such a beautiful setting. We visited in June and this place can be enjoyed year round.

I had high expectations with the photos and comments on reviews and I actually believe it comes up better then presented. Do yourself a favour and visit this wonderful loft it is well worth the money.

Month of Stay



Hi Fleur
Just adore the new bath and the water does not drain out .It looks great.
Must say l do appreciate the new toilet..for me the issue with the
other toilet was getting to close the sliding doors in the middle of
the night but have noticed the sliding now close alot easier.
Its the first time l have seen the dish rack LOVE IT….I WANT
ONE..Wild goat man did excellent job.
THE NOISE FACTOR…..Fist couple of days here no wind and yes did
notice a constant stream of traffic made WORSE by trucks using their
air brakes and the BEEP BEEPING of trucks reversing…today weather
very windy and dont notice the sound of cars and trucks so much. But
really cannot be that bad as l have only gone out once since
And THANK GOD the koala is not around he would not survive sun baking
on the road.
HERB garden looking great….how about a lemon tree ??? l think
lemon meyers do well  with frost.
Rods pottery have you been there? l dont want to go to one of those
places where they make you feel you MUST buy something!!!!!
Can you just confirm its ok to stay the friday night .
O.K  have been very busy here doing….NOTHING


Judy and a snoozing Shanti Bear WOOF

May 2014

Memorable stay.

Lip trap loft was a great weekend getaway destination, not too far from Melbourne, far enough to allow us to enjoy nature and refresh our mind. We loved the view, bird life, uniqueness of the building and the Zen garden. Also enjoyed the mini forest adventure track on your property. Kids would love them. Never get tired of watching the garden outside of your kitchen window and the ever changing light and shade of the forest ahead. It is also conviniently located to get to the Light house and Lime Kiln historical site in liptrap coastal park, both are great choices during a day trip. Thank you Fleur for your lovely green tomatos in the vege patch, I cooked 3 with some green chillies and a little garlic and salt, yum!! Next time, we will definitely stay longer.


May 2014


Eclectic, unique, charming and secluded

I have boasted to my US spouse the loveliness of South Gippsland and Wilson’s Prom. Well, prove it! And I chose Liptrap Lofts for a wonderful 5-day stay. It was secluded, slightly kinky and truly eclectic. The weather was windy, cold and wet for the first few days but we were warmed by a marvelous fire. Judy had a great introduction to Australian birds and their dawn and sunset serenades. Close to WP, as well the Liptrap coastal parks. Great for hikers or those who just want a close seclusion.

In a word or two, we loved it! Can’t wait to return. 10/10 recommendation!


May 2014


What I liked was the simple ness of the place, you decorated so well that it felt so comfortable, I liked the outside bathroom too, the fact that kitchen is fully equipped were convenience, and loved how you provided information books of your expectations of the place and what we need to do. And I liked reading bout previous people comments about the house.



Feb 2014

I loved everything, it was so quirky and I could tell a lot of love had been out into this property, from the way it was built right do the way it was lovely decorated. I especially loved the walking track around the property and the opportunity to take off all our clothes and enjoy being naked without people seeing us. It was perfect for our kids as they love being nudie.  It was exactly the way I had imagined. Private, realxing and unique. I loved it, even the swooping Magpies added a little bit of adventure.

Thank you again for your support and comforting words when my little fella hurt his neck. I meant a lot. It was very stressful seeing him in so much pain. But he is such a trooper, it didn’t bother him. That was wonderful.

I loved everything about this place and I can’t wait to go back. I was thinking of going back with my mum and my brother. They would love it.
We are such nature lovers, we live on a huge bushy block in diamond creek, that looks over paddocks, but your place was pure bliss, it was an escape. My partner is a film maker and really needed this space that you made, to clear his head and be inspired again creatively. So thank you.
It was also great still having wifi. As I ………. still needed to be accessible to my clients. It was the perfect mix of isolation and access to the world when needed.

This kids loved the rock garden and laughing at their dad when he got swooped. They had a ball sleeping in the same bed too and enjoyed immensely all the board games.



Sept 2014




I loved how remote and private it was, there was nothing to hear except for the wildlife and a few cows. It is very unique and a wonderful experience. A great place to get away and get relief from the normal hustle and bustle of life and sit back and enjoy the company of your family or partner.

……it was so relaxing, we did not want the weekend to finish.Our dog George, had a wonderful time, even though it rained the entire weekend and we had to stay indoors, it was wonderful to sit and chat with no interruptions. We both felt rested.

July 2012

We particularly enjoyed coming out of the cold into a beautifully warmed room. It was very pretty and peaceful. Having a really classy old sound system (tuned to ABC FM when we arrived) was a bonus. We did enjoy having a bath and looking out at the view and listening to the music in the bath house.

We felt your information described the place perfectly. We also appreciated all the information about the area and restaurants/pubs etc. you left. Having never been there before, it was good to explore Walkerville (views, history, wildlife etc) on foot.

We were happy with the value for money and appreciated being able to bring our dogs with us too.

Thank you.
Robyn and Rod
July 2012

Where to start… The unique architecture. The lovely bath house. All the personal touches that made us feel at home. We did lots of cooking and found all the bits and pieces we needed to do so.The fireplace at night was lovely. Even better than we expected.

July 2012

Hi Fleur

We loved the peace and quiet. The uniqueness of the cottage,the shower in the morning sun, the view out the window, the
big fire. It was what it appeared to be on the website and we certainly got value for money at the rate we paid. We have already told our friends.

thanks again

Fiona and Alex
June 2012

We loved Liptrap Loft, having our own little relaxing place to stay was amazing!

…..loved having no neighbours and being able to have a bath with the sliding doors open was fantastic. The fire place was beautiful as well and warmed up the place nicely. Not having curtains was different but it was actually nice waking up and being able to easily take in the stunning surroundings. It was everything we expected so there were no nasty surprises.We said when we left we would love to come back again. It was a perfect long weekend getaway and lovely that we didn’t have to check out early!

June 2012

We had a really nice weekend and loved the unique and quirky aspects of Liptrap Loft.

The description of your accommodation was exactly as it was you’ve got that spot on.We would love to come again and would have no hesitation recommending it to others even though it would be nice to keep it a secret its also lovely that others can enjoy the pleasures also.It was all clean & tidy on arrival and very inviting soft music playing kettle still warm.All in all we are really jealous that you own such a beautiful place but
thankful that you had the vision to make it accessible to others.

Thank you we look forward to dealing with you again.

Kind Regards
Alison & Andrew
June 2012

We had a wonderful time. Sitting in the spa at night was a highlight.

We also loved the big open space of the house. And the lovely

king-sized bed!

May 2012

Hi Fleur

I especially liked having our spoilt dogs come with us on holiday.

Lovely fireplace – nice and warm……all the little homely things, ie. the books, access to picnic rug, chairs, boots, basic kitchen things if i forget to bring them (ie. clingwrap, sugar, salt/pepper) – thank you for sharing these things, makes such a difference – I tend to leave some behind as well.Thanks, thoroughly enjoyed it, my first time for an entire week there – it went

May 2012

We both loved the architecture, the complimentary colours in the design (even the fire extinguishers matched something!), the simple but comfortable layout, and the general rustic luxury of the place. The bath was pretty good too.

I was worried the place wouldn’t meet our high expectations because we had been looking forward to it for so long. But it did -just what we’re looking for a house, or “retreat”.

May 2012

We loved the open bathroom, shower bath.

We loved fire place.

We loved the Zen garden and left a cheeky lizard in there for your next visitors.

We loved the concept of the solar shower (too cold unfortunately to give it a whirl).Not that we got to use it (very windy and wet) but we loved the hidden outdoor setting by the path in the front of the property.Absolutely what the description was. Our expectations were definitely exceeded. Definitely got value for money, grateful that we could experience such a place within our budget.We would love to come again, and have already recommended theplace to many of our like-minded friends.Guys, thank you for sharing such a wonderful place.

May 2012

Lots of things which were great, including fire and bath. Amazing! Kitchen, well stocked too.

May 2012

We liked the uniqueness in design of the loft. We loved the feeling that we were in our own country home that had a little roughness to it, that made us feel away from the world. We’ve been to so many places that are always ultra modern and all the same so it was refreshing to finally find somewhere unique!We loved being able to bring our dog so we could relax while away instead of feeling like we’ve left him behind. We loved having to put on our coats and shoes and walk to the outside toilet, it added to the country home feel and gave us an excuse to look at the stars at night.

We wouldn’t change a thing about the place. It was even more than we were expecting We will stay again and would recommend to our friends.

May 2012

Everything was perfect, I can’t complain about anything and I will definitely recommend it.Thanks for everything!

May 2012

What l liked most about the loft was the leave it all behind you feel & the wonderfull smell when you entered the house, the quirky…ness, the unexpected extras and being able to bring the most important …in your life your pet.

May 2012

Peace, privacy, spaciousness – we can’t think of the word but something about the great layout/decor/ easeful living – it’s such low impact. One walks in and feels an instant “ahhh” – this is exactly what we need. Never once was there a “It wish we had this or it would be great if it was this…”.

We do not usually go back to he same place twice, but this will be an exception !!

Lisa & Shaun
April 2012

It was great, overall! The seclusion, the character of the house, great atmosphere.
Loved it!

April 2012

Hi Fleur,I have been meaning to send you an email to say a huge thankyou. We all (2 humans, 2 dogs) loved our time at Liptrap. We would like to make it an annual event. It is the first time we have taken our dogs on holiday apart from camping in the bush and it worked so well.

Here’s a funny story, I went out to the bathouse one afternoon and had left the doors open to dry the floor only to find a Magpie stealing my toothbursh (hilarious).

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

The loft was absolutely what we expected from your pictures and descriptions.

We took the dogs to Walkerville South Beach and had the place to ourselves.

We had a go at the 1,000 piece puzzle (fail), maybe next time we need to stay longer, or maybe I just needed more wine.

Loved the fact there was no TV and the stereo got a good workout.

I honestly can’t think of any negatives.

Thanks again
March 2012

We loved your house and were fascinated by how articles had been used to create other things. Really a special place so certainly no disapointments.


Hello Fleur,I wanted to write to let you know how much of a great time we had. As you may remember when I was thinking of booking we spoke over the phone and you said that it wasn’t for everyone but those that go love it. I think you should change your comment to EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO LIPTRAP LOFT!!!

The house we perfectly presented on arrival, all the kitchen utensils were there and your preparatory notes were representative of what was available.

The bath is fantastic and although slow to fill and too hot if just hot is used it was perfect once relaxing in it.

Your directions for arrival were great. It’s a bit of a joke but the best thing was the garlic crush…..absolutely amazing

Understandably it is better that you under promise and over deliver but don’t talk it down too much. Tell people to go with
family/friend/people they love and enjoy the experience together.

Thanks again. Tell EVERYONE to go to Liptrap Loft!!

March 2012

Just a quick note to thank you for the stay at liptrap loft, What a beautiful space. We loved it’s location -peaceful setting and quirkiness of the house and outdoor shower.

March 2012

We loved it and spent quite a bit of time inspecting all the hand crafted bits & pieces. My father was an architect, and my partner is very eco-conscious, so there was a lot for us to enjoy.It was beautifully quiet and we were able to slow down a bit.

Feb 2012

Hi Fleur, We had a great time, everything was as you said, thanks again for being so accommodating when we had to push back our date.We will certainly stay again and recommend to friends.

Keith & Deb
Feb 2012

[We liked the] lack of neighbours, country setting but with proximity to the beach. Dog friendliness also a massive plus.

jan 2012

Place is really quiet & peaceful (just what we were looking for), but unlike lots of other similar places we have stayed in the bush also felt secure and had everything we needed (good electric supply and water pressure usually the first to go -but you have both of these!!!).

Also felt really homely, and you made us feel really welcome in your communication, rather than just paying hotel guests -this is rare and very much appreciated.

Dec 2011

Location, architecture, ambience, big bath, hammock, no TV! -all good, don’t change a thing!

Dec 2011

Just had to let you know that we had the best time on your property and thank you so much for making it available to us. Everything was just perfect, it is likea little bit of paradise. The dogs loved the wide open spaces and as the weather wasn’t too beachy and there weren’t many people on the beach Sunday and Monday so we just took them down and they had a ball.Although we had quite a wild and woolly night on Saturday with the storm going through. We lit the fire on Sunday and yes it does warm the whole house up to the extent we had the back room open and then a couple of windows atone stage, even though we had very little wood on the fire. Thank you for thelate check out, although we left by about 11.30, but it was nice not to have to rush out. I hope we left everything as we found it and we look forward to visiting Cape Liptrap again.

It was everything you said it would be and more. I definitely felt like I
got value for $$. Yes and I think even more

I have already passed on your postcard to ? a dozen people.

Dec 2011

We liked rustic, laid back feel, wide open space surrounding house,the bath house a highlight, no tv, we enjoyed playing board games, the books a bonus to browse through in the sun.We enjoyed a very relaxing stay at your piece of paradise on the weekend.
Thank you for the opportunity to share the space it was just pure magic..

We enjoyed many walks on the beautiful Walkerville beach and a yummy lunch at Tarwin Pub.

Many thanks
Peace, Amanda and Mick 🙂
November 2011

Hi Fleur we had a brilliant time at the loft……….gorgeous experience in every way…………looking forward to another visit……..thanksagain for making it allso easy for us

October 2011

That was a beautiful moments for us…….no internet. no mobile .. this was very special for us….also very private land.

October 2011

We wanted to stay somewhere where we could have run of the whole place without having to share with neighbours, somewhere with beautiful surrounds and an open fire.What we found at Liptrap Loft was all of these things and more! Beaches, galleries, enormous bath tubs and beds, beautiful surrounds and a big stereo all made for the most relaxing weekend, just what we were hoping for!Would love to come again, and this time bring friends. Also, the cleaner did a fantastic job, the Loft was immaculate and she had the fire roaring for us when we arrived which was really wonderful!…The bath!! The big bed, cups of tea by the fire, the stereo and the great music that people had left before us!

June 2011

[We Loved] EVERYTHING!! Right from the beginning we had a great experience. Your directions to the property were excellent, especially driving down in the dark and pouring rain late after work. The fireplace was wonderful (plenty of firewood!), and thankyou for having it already set for when we arrived.The cottage was well equipped with everything we could have possibly needed. Excellent book collection -I look forward to reading some next time we come -and interesting objects and trinkets decorating the shelves and window ledges, all adding to the character of the place. Finally, how could I not mention the bathroom? The hot tub was wonderful, and what a view! Quite possibly the best bathroom ever!

June 2011

We had an absolutely lovely time at your place. Thanks so much. It was very relaxing and such a charming space to spend the weekend.

June 2011

What we liked: the solitude, the big fire, the warm, woody smell of the back room when the sun fills it, the way the bathroom can be opened up on a sunny day and the proximity to secluded beaches.Yes, it more than met our expectations from the reading material particularly with your offer of come/go as early or late as we liked! ….we found plenty of other lovely little beaches.I will definitely be recommending LL to friends.

Thanks again,
June 2011

Hi Fleur,We enjoyed our stay at liptrap loft thanks.
It was as you described. It was clean, functional, the location was great it is value for money.Overall a great place, loved the headlights and the ‘overdrive’ in the kitchen, quirky.

Thanks again,
May 2011

The buildings themselves were great, homely and connected to nature, Yet still with the necessary mod-cons.The feeling of isolation and having your own base to come back to with no one else around.

May 2011

I loved the aesthetics, the textural feel, of the loft. I loved the simple layout, the great bbq, the bushy paddock next door, the sense of screening, the comfiness of the facilities, the amazing rainy shower, the solitude.I loved the proximity to small settlements and beautiful landscape and the sound of the ocean as l walked along the road each morning. I loved the colours you chose, and the smell of the timber interior when l arrived. I loved the little paths into the bush and wished l had company to share it all with-next time!It was well described and the pictures were truthful-but being there was better! I do hope it all I felt very lucky to be there and that you let others in.I hope to return and hope that some of my sensitive and appreciative friends would get a chance to go there …..Excellent BBQ-cooked my local steaks perfectly! And your chairs were perfect for curling up with a book.

May 2011

We liked the atmosphere, the peace, the furnishings, the way the light fell, the bath, walkerville beach. Our boy (5) also loved it and spent most of his time scooting on the walkways and making up movies. I’ll see if I can get his little video down to a manageable file size and send it to you 🙂 Just in case you want a five year olds tour guide for your website….ps -I am a writer and will definitely be recommending it to friends as a writing retreat …

Jan 2011

Love the feeling of Liptrap
Love the isolation
Love the kitchen

….Yes and more, can’t quite put the way Liptrap makes you feel into words.

Excellent value for money

Jan 2011

We had such a great time. We fantasized all weekend about having our own place down there!
[We liked] The simplicity but at the same time total function of the place, It had everything we needed.

When’s the next time available? We’re coming back with friends!

Apr 2010

What a lovely piece of the world you have shared with us. The Loft had such a wonderful and welcoming feel to it, and surroundings were peaceful but full of Life.

Have already recommended the Loft to friends we think it will suit. A great get away destination! Thanks

Jun 2010

We loved the sense of space and privacy. The property has a lot of charm and we felt right at home. It was great to be able to bring our dogs with us on the holiday (and I can assure you they LOVED it!).

It was a real getaway from the hectic day to day stuff we usually have to deal with.

July 2010

Thanks a million for sharing your amazing property with us. It was just perfect for the getaway we wanted. Lenny (our dog) was especially happy, sooo much space and so many bones to dig up. The open fire was delightful and we ran the tub on Saturday evening which was divine.

July 2010